Please feel free to comment. I think one of the more incredible parts of blogging is that strangers collide for moments here and there – move each other, make each other laugh, piss each other off to no known end…

Just BE ADVISED: I do have “moderation” on which means that though all comments will be read and 99.9% of them will be posted, if I am unconscious when you make your comment, it may not show up until I am again awake and at my computer.

ALSO – for those of you who are concerned about such things – the only person who will see whatever email address you use to comment is me unless you actually register for a wordpress account.  

Thank you for stopping by,

The Octopus In Residence



  1. Good Morning Sulya:

    Just a personal note to let you know I’m delighted to have you return to 5150.

    I recognize your attention to detail and the care you put into your work. The same care and attention that can be mined from your reviews.

    Welcome back.

    Keith Tracy

  2. Thanks Keith.

  3. Beautiful post on Love and taking risks, heart wide open and ready to be present and LIVE!

    David Manning

  4. Thanks David – and thanks for checking out the blog. It is cool to be in touch with you again!

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