Posted by: sulya | 5 September 2011

Still More Bits & Bobs From the Watery Nook

The other half wants to build his own airplane which tops out at speeds on the order of 333km/hr.  He says it will make it easier to go and visit family… I quipped that it would also make it easier to accidentally fly into the side of a mountain…  Though, truthfully, the idea of building one’s own anything in this age of prepackaged everything is truly fun and inspiring.  He’s not finished his licencing course, though, and until he does and has logged many many many hours of flying time I feel confident that we won’t be strappin’ the roof rack to anything aeronautical anytime soon…


The boy is excited and shouting for me to come see.  He is on youtube.  He is telling me, “you could do this, Mommy, you have almost all the colours!”  It is a woman who is painting each and every one of her fingernails to look like a different Spongebob character.


I made potato salad.  The kind I used to make over and over for work back in the deli-days of yore.  It has sundried tomatoes, feta, fresh basil, kalamata olives, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh sliced bell peppers.  It tasted good and familiar as I shared it with two new friends in an apartment so clean it defies reason.  (If anyone is looking to buy a really nice two-bedroom condo, please let me know…)


I spent the better part of this morning colouring and cutting out Krabby Patties and spatulas and burger dressings and my son’s fabulous Spongebob pictures.  I stuffed my bun with toilet paper and taped the edges so we could have some 3D stuff in our game.  This was after he designed a shield, hatchet and music player out of Rokenbok and Tinker Toys to make himself look like a Playmobil character he owns…  Tell me childhood isn’t weird and that kids don’t have imagination anymore…


I have actually written two blog posts in one long weekend.  This is a small miracle.


My new course for Fall – mandatory – is called “Research Design.”  When I read a section of the textbook to my mother she asked me if I was reading the table of contents.  Please insert all appropriate wailing and gnashing of teeth.  That said, I am assured that it can be a “brain break” if I let it.  That’s the key, too, I must LET my brain take a break.  I am not sure I know how.


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