Posted by: sulya | 15 February 2011

I Can Hear Emily

My son and his friend are playing pretend right now.  I can make out only that there are bad guys and pretend punches that occasionally hit and are followed immediately by apologies, girls to save and marry, to kiss and run away from.  They periodically laugh so hard I worry that hard-won bathroom skills might be compromised…  But mostly, I hear Emily.  I hear Emily and myself at the same age.  Only we were witches and good fairies and teachers and there were hula hoop portals to other dimensions, a yellow acrylic yarn spider web that filled a room, tents thumb-tacked into walls to the chagrin of adults.  It’s a body memory so complete and whole that I nearly cried when it first found me in the form of my son and his friend’s voices trickling down the stairs to me where I wait for my friend to return from her outing.

She’s an awesome friend and an amazing woman and I can’t help but wonder why, exactly, we don’t play with as much creative abandon as do our children?

Because it would scare the kids?  The other adults?

I don’t think I would believe any answer to that question that didn’t lead immediately to the conclusion that it’s ridiculous that we DON’T still play with such creative abandon…  Every day…  With our friends…

Ah, well, I guess when my friend gets back we will discuss it over coffee because it seems that’s what grown-ups do…


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