Posted by: sulya | 11 December 2010

One Third

It’s an under appreciated fraction, I think.  Most recipes are all about the quarters and the halves… The supremacy of the “half” is all around us:

Halfway House

Bottle’s half full

Half-sweet Mocha with extra whip

Half Price SALE!

Not gonna’ see a lotta’ sales offering 33.3333333% off…

But a third is special.  It’s unique.  You are not half way but you are close to half way.  You have only two more thirds to go until you’ve achieved something whole and yet a third, itself is a numerically never ending thing… A third has an infinite quality that is, in some ways, never achievable.  Yet, three one third cups of flour do somehow make a whole cup of flour.

I dunno’…

I do know that, as of today at 3pm, I am a third of the way through my course work for my Master’s degree and it feels its own very unique kind of infinite and amazing.

Two more thirds to go… with that 0.1111111111111111111 that will never be done and isn’t that how education is supposed to be?  Always, perpetually unfinished?

Again, I dunno’…

But I hope so.




Photo and word installations created by the boyo at age 4


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