Posted by: sulya | 9 December 2010

Something Nice About Winter

I asked the kids what I should write about because I have two posts to write today to make up for yesterday’s failure to produce and the evil creative little munchkins told me I should write something nice about winter, with a sub-category of “something about a snow fort.”

So.  Here goes.

My mother hates winter more than I do.  I mean, I could try to put it into words but forces from darker places than I can even imagine would smite me for trying to articulate her loathing.  That’s how bad it is.

Didn’t matter though.  Not the day we made our fantastic fort, anyway.

Montreal gets lots of heavy wet building/packing snow.  Some winters it also gets icy rain.  In a primo winter, the icy rain will be followed by more packing snow and then more ice and then more snow… You get the drift.  The long and the short of it is that if you use your hands carefully, you can cut out bricks of packed snow with ice-covered sides and you can build with them.

And that’s what we did.

It was a big, round enclosure with a pretty high wall and a tunnel we dug for an entrance.

It was amazing and probably the most lasting and happy memory I have of winter.

We must have been out there for hours and I don’t remember it being particularly warm so we must have been cold but we stayed out there – my MOM stayed out there – until it was done.

Our house was right across the street from the little park so even once we were back inside, I could look out the living room window and try to see the white on white, with white falling all around it, of our fort.  I am pretty sure it lasted a little while because I remember going and playing in it with friends.  Its proximity to a high school means someone probably wrecked it eventually – a fact I have blocked from my memory – but I feel like it lasted longer than one might expect because it was just that damn cool and anyone who saw it just knew it.

You just don’t mess with that kind of cool.

Can’t really do forts like that here, though the kid and I have made the occasional snowman…

But, anyway.  If a woman whose hatred for winter is so deep and dark that it cannot and must not be spoken for fear of otherworldly reprisal could stay out with her little girl for hours and build a fort, and play in the fort, and crawl in and out of a cold snowy tunnel to and from the fort…  Then, clearly, I have something nice to say about winter.

(And my mommy.  Thank you, by the way, and especially if I didn’t thank you at the time.  It was an amazing fort.)





  1. It was the very best fort anyone ever made. It lasted until Spring; it lasted until now.

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