Posted by: sulya | 9 December 2010

A Rest by a Cozy Fire

Hello to all,

While it might seem counter-intuitive to have warm, cozy fire roaring away in an octopus’ watery nook, it’s happening so please enjoy the nonsensical whimsy.  It’s all I have to give tonight people.  I’ve spent literally ALL DAY (from 8:47am to 12:04am) writing a nearly 4000 word (supposed to be 3000) paper about healing and a pedagogy of creating/sharing.  If you have any interest in reading that then I would definitely have more words to share with you so, you know, drop me a line (octopusinresidence-at-gmail-dot-com).  If not, you are probably wise as I have not edited it at ALL yet.

As an aside, would anyone like to compile my bibliography for me?  And by compile, I mean literally get all the articles together from where they are spread all over the table and floor and put them in a pile…


Me go bed-bye now with promises of something more substantial tomorrow… Or Friday… I hand the paper in Friday and have no more school until January…

The Octopus In Residence





  1. I’m sorry you’re exhausted. I’m happy the course is over.

    And the picture made me grin. Because if I’m right, I know that fire…

  2. Yes, my dear friend, it is that fire. I believe only the tiniest bit of searching might turn up a certain fortune-teller as well…

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