Posted by: sulya | 26 September 2010

All The Leaves Are Yellow And the Sky is Grey

It is Fall now and if indeed you still care, you may wonder where – exactly – I have been:

in school (two weeks into my second course and not quite drowning…)

in the recurring presence of 4 children only one of whom I brought into this world but over each of whom I have some influence and for whom I have warmly increasing responsibility (as much as they will let me have…)

in love

in bed

in a farmhouse

in a field listening to acres of wheat and barley catch and release the wind

at a computer wrestling with ideas for which I may actually be ready

with family on a road trip that included a lightening-induced blackout in an already dark room peopled entirely with carnivorous dinosaurs

with friends

on my new bike with its big seat and arched handlebars and my spine straight against the same wind that once knew the wheat and the barley

in a surgical theatre with pictures of animals and cartoon characters on its walls

up against the feeling that in order to keep writing i had to keep posting photos all the time and doing things with as much fullness as i often did before but that is not always possible.

i am less sane without writing at the most calm of times and these have not been calm times.

Good times. Amazing times.

But not calm.

And I make no promises about anything in this second and more sober of recent returns….

I just wanted to let you know where I’d been.

I wanted to let you know where I’d been and make sure you knew that I would not have been able to get here without you.

Love & Kisses
The Octopus in Residence



  1. Yeah, life has a way of rearranging our passions. This blog thing, which at various times has been all-consuming, simply slides to the back burner. And there is breathing again . . .

  2. Like a love affair or really great friendship gone wrong, there is a sick feeling when something has been so integral to your life and is then suddenly not there anymore… The worst part, when that love affair is at its most essential something that goes on between you and you (as a blog essentially is) and it is “not there” anymore you have only yourself to blame really… Though, yes, life does get mercilessly in the way of life… I dunno’… I honestly don’t know which gives more oxygen to the system… The break from writing when other passions take the lead or the writing… I suspect it is the latter…

    Thanks again, tysdaddy, for taking the time. It is on my ever-expanding list to drop by your blog and have a proper read sooner rather than later!

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