Posted by: sulya | 3 March 2010

500 Posts

It has just come to my attention that the last post I posted was the 500th Octopus post.  While it seems as arbitrary as do most anniversaries, it still struck me as a chunky number worthy of a few words…  A teeny bit of pseudo-fanfare.

Clearly, I’m not in a particularly lush patch of blogging at the moment but it is  also clear when scrolling through this web-world of mine that I have, at times, been very much on a roll.  More considered review yields the observation that I have been worrying the same pebbles in my proverbial pocket for some time now…  Twisting my tentacles in the same knots over and over… Ah well… We are nothing if not creatures of habit often destined to repeat ourselves in both positive and negative ways.

No matter my repetitions or silliness or failures at consistency of commitment to this watery nook… I am proud of this place and its 500 posts worth of words.  Conservatively, that could mean there are 250,000 words around here…

Anyway —

Now that a few things in my life are resolving themselves to the point where I no longer have any control or say in how they turn out I may be able to free my mind to the task of writing again.

Lately – I’ll not tell a lie – my mind has tried to be in places like this to the detriment of things creative or even remotely related to house-cleaning:

Even though I’ve still never been to Italy and I’ve still never wandered in an olive grove.  I’ve been imagining the sun.  I’ve been imagining a strange balance of moisture and aridity.  I’ve been imagining myself with a book and an ipod and not feeling the need to read or listen to either respectively and trying to recreate the hilly languid landscape out of dirty laundry has not gotten me anywhere nearer to this goal…  (Clean laundry doesn’t help either…)

In any case, when my mind gets back from Italy I will hopefully start to write again…  Until then, this is post 501…

With Love,

The Octopus In Residence


Image borrowed from HERE



  1. Happy 501st post, Sulya.

    Sophia sent me some amazing photos of an olive grove near her mother’s home. I could almost smell the fresh air.

  2. Thank you, Kitty.

    I just found out that a very old friend of mine has moved to Southern France and is planting olive trees there. So beautiful. All these people and their olive trees and me with a fridge full of olives (smile).

  3. You think your friend needs a little help planting those olive trees?

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