Posted by: sulya | 15 February 2010

That Kind of Day

Where moods go up and down, take sharp turns, in brisk and unpredictable patterns.

Where the boyo and I are in a weary, antagonistic dance of combined exhaustion caused only remotely by each other.

Where we are both restless and shifty and prone to snapping at each other; where we are both droopy and dozing and prone to snuggling with each other.

Where, quite frankly, the zoo is the only option.

The kidlet kept calling the Arctic Wolves the “Snow Wolves.”

And, it was the first time I’d seen the elephant out of her indoor enclosure since winter started.  It was bright and sunny today and out she came into the white wet sunshine where she played  hide and go seek in the snow with her handler. I swear she was smiling and I’d never seen her move so fast going to find him around a corner. (I can’t say I wasn’t jealous that he got to stroke her trunk and face when she did find him.)

And what can I possibly say at this point about the tigers?  Save that they are more and more magnificent as they age into their full-size tiger selves?

(Can there be love betwixt Octopus & Tiger???  Someone tell me… Someone tell me if it can be so….)




  1. Such beautiful animal photos, Sulya.

    Oh, I’d have called him a snow dog, so…

  2. Thank you, Kitty. I could spend hours taking pictures of animals and inanimate objects… It’s people that confound me and my lens…

    Yeah… a perfect white canine demands to called something with “snow” in the title…

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