Posted by: sulya | 19 January 2010

In a Thrift Store Window

A wedding dress.  Smooth white satin, a whole lotta’ veil, a hem that goes on and on with quite a ruffly train.  Capped ruffly sleeves.  It says 80s to me. Early 80s.

Beside it, an apron.  A full apron – almost a uniform apron.  Crisp blue-white with eyelet embroidery, half sleeves, a full wide bib, a wide sash for tying snug around a waist, enough fabric to cover most of a full skirt at least half way around.

Were they put together in the window because they were both white?

Were they put together in the window because someone thought that one inevitably leads to the other?

(And by that I as much mean that a “Maid Costume” can lead to a wedding as a wedding can lead to becoming a maid…)

Was there no rhyme or reason to their juxtaposition?  Only my imposition of meaning?

Why did the sight of them together, each hung so artfully, so carefully, fill me fully – if temporarily – with rage?



  1. Me too, girl. Me too. Wtf?

  2. Yeah… It was kind of powerful how immediate was my reaction to the sight of it… I drove by it in slower traffic and I felt all over the map irritated really… so angry so quickly… Odd…

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