Posted by: sulya | 15 January 2010

From the Closet

It mocks me.

The dress.

The one I bought last summer.

Every time I open the door it’s there.

Right there.


There’s a pair of shoes too.

Bought them two springs ago.

Never worn them either.

Turned out they go beautifully with the dress I bought last summer.

It’s been bugging me.

The dress, the shoes, their tittering snide comments…

But I just realized that I am my own fairy godmother.

I am putting together the outfit myself.

The costume.

And I don’t need to co-opt stars, fireflies, mice or pumpkins into sartorial or transportation slavery to do it either…

And that costume will sit there as long as it damn well has to until I’m ready and the time is right and the company and the moment are right and until then whenever the slinky, draped, strapless, sexy, colourful garment and its sling-back, open toed stacked heeled friends go all Valley-Girl lilting bitch on me I will tell them that they would be languishing in retail purgatory were it not for me and to shut their shiny gobs until I tell them it’s okay to speak.

I will tell them in an eerily neutral way that I have considered going all Tyler Durden on them with a rubber glove, a tube of crazy glue and a pair of pinking shears…

My closet.  My rules.

Plus, it’s winter.  And slushy and gonna’ get cold again before it gets bright and dry and the last thing they, or I, want is for them to get ruined.

Not before I’m ready.  And the time and the company and the moment are right.

Until then I am my own fairy godmother so I’ll open that closet door and say:





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