Posted by: sulya | 3 January 2010

Video Games…

…  have sure come a long way since I played Super Mario II until birds started chirping and I was shivering from sleep deprivation.

Played my parents’ Wii today basically for the first time.  Bashed the absolute crap out of people in a sword fighting game.  My arm actually hurt from the force and intensity and I swear my whole life might be better if I could spend a good twenty to thirty minutes a day beating the unholy snot out of imaginary people who cannot get hurt.

Of course, with an imagination that tends toward elaborate scenarios that are not always that perky and content and having read a phenomenal story by Ursula K. LeGuin called “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” (more on that story another time I believe) means I cannot help thinking that somehow, somewhere, someone IS getting hurt by my violent action and seriously displaced aggression…  Still…  I can’t help but want a Wii…

Don’t think getting one of my own will be in the budget any time soon, though, even though the boyo is fascinated by it.  He was particularly enamoured of a Ghostbusters game that we couldn’t quite make work.  Woke up talking about trying to get “Slimer.”  He’s not quite ready to play it though, likes to watch, gets shy of actually DOING things…  Interesting to observe his relationship to it.

Truthfully, I literally do not have another plug to plug something into by the television right now – even including the power bar… Crazy this electricity sucking age of ours.

Anyhoodle.  This is a bit of a throwaway post and I’m sorry about that but when travelling my brain goes a bit mushy…

Hopefully I’ll find my way back soon.


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