Posted by: sulya | 1 January 2010

Don’t Spy Over Green Milk

My nephew came up with the wicked title for this post.

Thing is that’s all I have really.  He’s seven and very much into playing with language.  My family is pretty verbal in general but man this kid has taken up the torch with a fury.  He rhymes and likes to fit new words into the tunes of songs he already knows.  He’s got an impeccable sense of rhythm.  He’s an all-round really neat little guy and he and my kid got to hang today – again tomorrow.

Doesn’t happen often enough.

Two small voices that do far better than they ever do badly.  The giggling, when it comes crashing, is epic – contagious. It’s swelling and joyful, big bad and outrageous. They do burn each other out and burn out on each other but they do it with style, they do it with grace.  No malice or hitting. No fighting or mace.  No throwing or stealing or screaming or spitting. They play and they play till the end of the day then my nephew is whisked right well away. They make the best and the most of things most of the time. They cry and they spill but mostly they’re fine. They each got a good cousin who doesn’t beg steal or bilk and neither of them, I tell you, spies over green milk.

Yeah. That’s all I got today I’m afraid. And I know it ain’t much.  Been a long day, my friends.  Long days in a bunch.  I hope your first day of this new year was fine; that you’ll forgive all this terrible terrible rhyme.

Kugs & Hisses

The Octopus in Residence




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