Posted by: sulya | 28 December 2009

A Bitchy Thought

The other day I was at a Starbucks, waiting for them to brew some coffee and checking out some sale merchandise.  Bunch of crap really  but there was some single origin chocolate covered… chocolate or something like that and I was idly reading the back of the package when a guy sauntered over.  I don’t think he even looked at me and I only registered his approach in my peripheral vision but when I looked up, his girlfriend was giving me a rather evil look.  Like I’d summoned him with my sultry, stuffed-nose, down-coat wearing coffee-shop gaze or something.

Her possessive look made me actually have a gander at the dude.  Curious what she was fighting for with her eyes or if maybe I was missing something.  And closer inspection made me sure that even if I had the game or inclination to hit on people in coffee shops, this guy was so not the kind of guy I would work my, cough, magic on…  She could keep him.

When I looked at her more closely things just got worse somehow.  Two-toned pony-tail (dark at her head, blonde down her back), pulled so fiercely off of her face that it looked like it must hurt.  Nice long legs cinched into overpriced jeans so tight I was surprised she could bend her knees.  A pile of make-up.  I mean a PILE.  And then the thought came.  The bitchy thought.

“Maybe she isn’t possessive.  Maybe when she drew on her eyebrows this morning she just screwed up?”




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