Posted by: sulya | 24 December 2009

My Christmas of Solitude: The First 24hrs

I buffed callouses & soaked in salts.

The toenails are emerald green as requested by the small person who rules my life.

The fingernails are shimmery eggplant purple per my own desires.

The legs are hairless.

I slept in which for me is about 9am.

I went for a little walk and got a coffee.

I edited and wrote some new pages of a screenplay.

My bedroom window was replaced in -20c weather by two fairly friendly guys.  I offered the whole team some tea and they got the other two guys from the other suite being worked on this morning and when one of them came in here – where I was playing a DJ Vadim disc very loudly by request – he said, “That’s good music, I’m with two old ladies listening to Christmas Carols.”  Yeah.  I have the party suite. (Ha ha).

A friend brought by treats from the newest and fanciest bakery in town.

Another friend texted to check on me and wish me well.

I talked with family.

I bought a curtain rod and new curtains to frame the new window and hung them.  It’s like I have a new room and it looks nice.

I ordered enough Thai food to feed an army for about three days.  I am so full.

Used digital pay-per-view for the first time and watched the latest Harry Potter movie.  It was okay.  Dark and busy but I thought, for some reason, that it was the last one and was very disappointed when it wasn’t because now I’m actually ready for the big battle finale… Oh well.

Now, I am watching It’s a Wonderful Life which never ceases to amaze me with the subtlety and warmth of the writing, direction and performances.  So much playfulness and chemistry mixed with real dramatic weight and feeling and all that noir lighting.  Love it. Love it. Love it.

I may be a scrooge and a grinch but listening to the characters Ernie and Bert sing

“I love you truly, truly dear.”

Outside the window while George and Mary kiss on their make-shift patchwork honeymoon makes me sparkle…  Then when Ernie kisses Bert on the head and then Bert slams his hat down on his head and walks away… Delightful…

Maybe, though, it’s just cuz they are named Ernie & Bert.

Merry Merry Everyone

Love & Hugs

The Octopus in Residence


Image Borrowed From HERE





  1. Chinese food (okay, Thai, close enough) and a movie! Yay!

    Have a happy, happy holiday and new year, Sulya.

  2. T’was all good… T’was all good… (smile)

    Happy Happy Holidays to you too, Michele, and a very Merry New Year as well!

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