Posted by: sulya | 22 December 2009


The boyo goes back to his dad’s tomorrow.

I am wrestling demons and plans and possibilities.

And maybe a virus.

(Oil of Oregano is evil)

I am weary but calm.

The weather is white.

Sixteen Candles is coming on TV shortly.

My cats are peaceful and camouflaged in their black coats on my black sofa.

Today was just a bit longer than yesterday because the earth is now making its way back toward where the Northern Hemisphere gets to be lighter and warmer again.

It’ll take a while but I’m happily along for the ride.





  1. Ah, yes, I’ve been waiting for that too, the days will now get longer instead of shorter.

  2. Solstice and the day that follows it are pretty much the only parts of December I anticipate with joy.

    But then.

    I am Scrooge after all (wink).

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