Posted by: sulya | 19 December 2009

The Perfect Wedding Song

It does not pretend to be anything it isn’t.  It has joy, it has tenderness.  It has a catchy chorus with a nice message.

And there are Muppets.  Not just any Muppets.

Ernie & Bert, people….  Ernie & Bert…

Debate has raged for a long time:  Brothers?  Lovers?

I say, who cares?  I say they are comic genius.  I say they repeatedly showcase love and tolerance of those we live with and they do it with a great deal of mischief, good will and tenderness.

I say that when I saw behind-the-scene footage of Frank Oz and Jim Henson performing a classic Ernie & Bert skit it was like watching the most exquisite pas-de-deux I had ever seen… I say that watching Frank Oz trying to eulogize Jim Henson is the best and worst kind of agony.

I say no one – and I mean NO ONE – has ever had pajamas as cool as those guys…

Behind-the-scenes, in front of the camera – it’s beautiful.  It’s lovely and if I ever actually have a wedding one day (12 year now-extinct relationship and a child but no, have never had a wedding) I’ll know I’ve finally found the right guy because he’ll want this to be his wedding song too.

(Or, as a close second, will love me for, and not despite, my  borderline Muppet fetish…)




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