Posted by: sulya | 17 December 2009

Not One Word of a Lie

There is a pirate ship, replete with canon, in my kitchen.

It says, “call biff about squeak” in my daytimer.

I took a car to get to a train station, took the train to an airport, took a plane to a bus stop and then got back in the car.  All without leaving the living-room.

This photo of me posted on facebook two nights ago (mostly for the novelty of my hair being straight):

Lead, some might say inevitably – some might say oddly, to the creation of a whole new kind of pornography….

“Dish Rag Porn”

And a man I’ve never met named Rob Hopkins gave a lecture and quoted another man I’ve never met – whom he did not name except to say that he is a friend –  who said something that has strengthened my whole being for some reason:

“Life is a series of things you’re just not ready for.”





  1. Good GOD that’s a great picture. Have fun with the pirates :)

  2. Thank you, Ginny.

    The pirates and I ran out of rum around 3am and their constant singing of ribald sailor songs with lyrics swapped out to be dirty got a bit tiresome. Still. Always nice to hang with them.

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