Posted by: sulya | 14 December 2009


So, several hours ago, I posted a post through worpdress and linked it to Holidailies and thought “Good, I did another day.”  It was a sucko post except that it had Ernie from Sesame Street singing at the end of it but mostly it was just done.  Just now, I went to check and see what all else had been posted on Holidailies and saw that my link looked strange.

The post is gone.  It isn’t even in draft form.  It’s just GONE.  And I’m annoyed.  And tired.  And my son came home and promptly started running a fever, insisted on going to bed early, has had 6 hours sleep and is now lying in bed talking to himself repeatedly about if he’s sick he can’t go to school tomorrow so the likelihood that I’m going to get any sleep is next to nothing at this point.

Whatever.  I bloody well tried to get it right.

Oh well.  Here’s hoping I have better luck tomorrow.

With Much Affection,

The Octopus In Residence



  1. That happened to me a few months ago and I never saw that post again. Very frustrating and puzzling.

  2. Well, I’m sorry you too lost a post but I’m glad to know that it’s not just me because I thought maybe I was just nutty… I swear, I hit “Publish” and then I clicked the link to “View Post” when it showed up and was all there and fine and then it all vaporized at some point in the following hours… *sigh*…

  3. Hey, Kit – Quite by accident I found the post. It had posted in September for some reason… Perhaps it was a time-warp thing that ate your post too? Odd.

  4. You guys rock for doing Holidailies. I did it last year, it about killed me, lol.

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