Posted by: sulya | 4 November 2009


contentAs in peaceful.

As in some ducks really are finding rows.

As in I am more and more a self I like.  A self I can look at in a mirror and (despite the bad hair day today) believe is going to be just fine.  ‘Well’, even – not just fine.

And these moments tend to pass.  (I’m a moody creature after-all) so it seemed only fair to mark a good moment.  A content moment, given I mark so many sad and whiney ones.

Right now I can breathe.

I can actually breathe.

And I am content.



  1. that cat photo is so perfect for this photo.

    It’s good to hear you are having better times.

  2. Thank you Kitty. So strange to see how much bigger my little girl-cat is these days…

    Better times, I am more and more convinced, are about getting one’s head in a better place…

  3. Sulya, that is such a pretty avatar you’re using.

  4. Thank you, Kitty. As always, coming from a hottie like you, I am honoured!

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