Posted by: sulya | 28 October 2009

Some Things I’ve Noticed Recently


In my opinion, Apple and the iphone got their ass handed to them by a very clever ad for the Verizon Droid.  I am not endorsing one product over the other by saying this.  I’m just saying it’s a damn clever ad.  Lean and vicious.  Infinitely more punchy and provocative then the counter-ads “PC” computers have been running against the Apple computer ads.

Important to note that when I saw it on TV there was no “title” to contextualize.  “iJust”  got it… I do find it very interesting, though, that no matter how good ads that go up against Apple ads can be – they are always “RE”actionary… They can’t just be who they are.  They have to tip their hat to Apple brand-speak and tend to try to use Apple’s own marketing tools against them.  Apple seems to always be the advertising incumbent whether their products are better or not.  Will be interesting to see what the Droid release does to iphone sales and use.


There is a third tiger at the zoo.  The two girls are now in the main enclosure together.  The younger of the two is very very annoying and always steals the older one’s toys.  They are over a year-old now, I think, and big.  Paws like dinner plates.  Claws you can feel through the plexiglass if you let your imagination tend that way.  So damn beautiful, too.  But there was a third tiger pacing the edges of things in the back kennel and I have not found out if she or he is staying or visiting.  I have not even found out whether it is a she or a he.  I just know there were three tigers the other day and that I never have a problem with more tigers.  I’ll keep you posted and next time I’ll bring the camera.


A blogging network called showed up in my blog stats this weekend.  Frankly, it seems cool and while I am happy and comfy here at wordpress for writing and do not mean to be disloyal to what is a very good and user-friendly  service.  I am intrigued – for the purposes of the photoblog I have been neglecting – by the fact that everything is customizable over at tumblr.  In other words, when I post a photograph full of burnt oranges and reds, it won’t be given a background matte that is the same damn colour unless I WANT to camouflage my work that way….  Anyway… When I have more time I might play around over there and thought I might as well share as not.


Not for the first time, I’m sure, but for the first time that really struck me – a show I was watching on TV was being sponsored by a website.  TV only exists because it was a new opportunity to advertise products like this:

TV shows are made or broken by what sponsors are willing to pay for ad slots during broadcast.  TV shows have their own websites, too, with some of the same sponsors they might have for their on-air broadcasts and other sponsors entirely.  And now.  Someone creates a website for an event that has not yet taken place, a website with advertisers of its own, and it is taking airtime during a prime-time TV show.  Advertisers using ad-space on a website that, itself, buys ad-space on TV.  More too, cuz the company that owns the website in question – which is for the Winter Olympics – is the same television company that will be broadcasting the olympics in Canada… The Olympics.  An event that itself has all manner of sponsors both for the show and worn by each an every one of the competitors…  Seriously… My head hurts.



  1. Amazing, very cool subject. I’m goin to blog about it likewise!

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