Posted by: sulya | 28 October 2009

One Day….

So.  In my fishing around for holiday travel possibilities so as to celebrate my new life on my first Christmas holiday without my son and without my own family,  I have added myself to interesting weekly mailing lists and have asked virtual strangers for their advice about where to go.  I’ve gotten advice too.  Good advice.  Interesting travel stories.  It’s fun.  Even if I don’t wind up going anywhere, I’m learning about how to go somewhere.

I like that sentence so much for its myriad possible meanings I’m going to write it again.

I’m learning about how to go somewhere.

Finally.  And, I dunno’ — “Amen.”

And the most appealing (literal as opposed to metaphoric) destination  so far came to me through an article from New York Magazine sent to me by my wonder-cousin whom I adore

This is it: Balamku Resort


Do click the link to their website to see more images to get a better feel for the all-round great feeling nature of this place.  Behind this beachfront with its perfect “round” rooms (I was once asked to draw my fantasy bedroom in high school.  It was round with window seats under endless windows, a bed in a sunken nook, a fireplace – and these places come damn close in their way…) is a huge swath of rich green forest.   It’s stunning.  Magic.

They are booked through the holidays and they are far enough off the beaten track that  even if they had space available I do not think I would have the courage to travel there by myself on my first trip to Mexico.

But this is now my destination location.  No question.  I am going there.

I’ve rarely actively wanted to go to a specific place like this.  There is a hotel on Gabriola Island in B.C. called Surf Lodge that I love love love and went to by myself once after having gone there with the ex a number of times and I would go there again.  It’s just beautiful and unpretentious and relaxed and a little soft and mossy like most of South-Western B.C..  The owners at that time let you walk their dog for them if he liked you and he liked me.  In the right season there were sea lions and dolphins and sea otters and Kingfishers to watch while you sat on a rustic deck drinking the world’s best Ceasar… And you got to take two ferries to get there from Vancouver.  I love ferries an unreasonable amount.

And, obviously, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy – though that is more of a primal yearning than a specific craving…

But this place just grabbed and hooked me.  It sounds silly, I know, but I feel like I am supposed to go there…  Like not only will I go there but it’s going to be a really important trip…  I know… Go get a crystal ball and put on some big hoop earrings already… And maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I’m sticking to it.  I mean, look at that picture again and then try to deny me the fantasy… I dare you.

Anyway, in a sea of places that are more like this (click the link – seriously – it’s almost hard to believe someone is using the Seven Deadly Sins as a marketing tool, didn’t they see the movie “Seven”????!!!), Balamku has wooed me from a far and will be mine.

One day…


Balamku Image Borrowed from HERE



  1. That resort looks lovely. I know you’ll go some day.

    The place in B.C. looks great – I love that picture on their site. I have been to BC and Vancouver Island, and just loved the rugged scenary there.

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