Posted by: sulya | 26 October 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

peachMy friend’s son has been playing hard with my son for hours.  They have come downstairs for a break in front of the TV and not long after my friend’s husband comes in from work, her son looks at me and says – rather casually though with an air of seriousness:

“Sooyah, you need a man to marry you so you can have a husband.”

I’m not sure I’ve heard him correctly so I say, “I’m sorry, kiddo, what did you say?  Did you say I need a husband?”

He nods.  He says, “Yeah, get married so you can have a husband.”

I don’t quite know what I said after the three adults stopped laughing about this but it might have been along the lines of, “Interesting idea” or “I’ll work on that.”

And then he nodded again;  a brisk acknowledgment of my seeming acceptance that his plan is both wise and prudent.

He made it sound so easy, didn’t he?  So simple?  I mean, I didn’t get too serious about it in my head.  Mostly I lapsed into my imitation of a nice old Yenta – with accent and all – telling my fine self that I’m still young and that I shouldn’t give up hope…  It was likely only truly funny to me because of the Yenta/Matchmaker in “Crossing Delancey” who sets the heroine up with a pickle salesman but there you go…

I’ve been told.

By a four year-old.


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