Posted by: sulya | 23 October 2009

Boy meets Shady

Boy says, “I want to hear it again, Mommy.”

This is the sixth time he’s asked to listen to “Lose Yourself” in the car so far today.  We’ve just gotten back in the car, have about half an hour of driving ahead of us. I do play music that is more appropriate to preschoolers most of the time but this was the disc in the car and I didn’t realize it until he asked for music.  I don’t feel good about fishing around for CDs while waiting at lights etc. so I just stuck with it.

Plus, he plays an imaginary piano until the guitars come in and then he moves on to air guitar and then to air drums… He’s really keeping it tight to the build of the real song and I find it impressive and cute as hell…

I say, “Okay.”

The song plays for a little while.  He says, “Mommy.”  I turn it off so I can be sure to hear him.  He’s speaking very quietly, very seriously.

“Yes, Baby?

“He’s a really good singer.”

I can’t help but smile.

“You think so?”


“I think so too, Baby.  He’s more of a rapper or a hip hop artist but if you want to call him a singer, that’s cool too.”

“He uses a lot of bad words.”

I really can’t help but smile now, knowing that he doesn’t recognize even HALF of the bad words he’s hearing as being bad words…

“Yes, he does.  It’s okay to listen to bad words sometimes.  We just don’t want to say them to our friends or to grown-ups right?”

I’m thinking about being denied custody on the grounds of moral corruption by some uptight jackass who reports me to social services…  Know it’s a bit alarmist but whatever – he’s only four and he’s been listening to Eminem in the car most of the day…

“Right,” he says, “I want to keep listening to it again now.  And after I want to listen to the bumpy one.”

The bumpy one is “Without Me.”  It’s actually a perfect way to describe it.  You need to listen to at least the opening and then keep reading.

Later, we’re home and settling in for a snack and bed.  He’s serpentining with the the cats through the kitchen, into the living room and then back through the kitchen.  I hear him muttering something. I get closer.

In his little bouncy, bumpy voice, I hear:

“Round the outside, Round the outside, Round the outside….”

I cannot help but outright laugh at this point and that’s just the way it is.

Social services be damned.



  1. You have me cracked up today, Sulya.

  2. Glad to hear it, Kitty! It was pretty funny to me. He asked for again today – first time back in the car after being with his dad. “I want the bumpy song, mommy.” So funny.

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