Posted by: sulya | 16 October 2009

The Good & The Lousy

lousyThe Lousy:

The boyo’s eye is wandering again.  We are going for more measurements in anticipation of more surgery.

Arrived home from Thanksgiving in Vancouver on a later flight that was an hour or more delayed to icy roads and a wise, lovely, generous friend who drove me and the boyo home carefully so that it took us twice as long as usual to get there only to discover that there was a broken water main and no water on in the building.  I had barely any clean clothes, had to teach all day the following day and then go to a meeting and had been planning on showering when I ‘got home’…

I joined a gym and have started to lift weights in a class with other people lifting weights and may actually have begun to like running a little bit.

Right after I changed to my fall duvet and duvet cover, the boy-cat puked all over it.

The kids I teach have no idea who Kermit the Frog is.  I’m not sure my son knows who he is.   This makes a failure as a teacher, as a mother and raises serious doubts about whether or not Western Culture shouldn’t just throw in the towel and dump itself into an ocean.

goodThe Good:

Even if the boyo’s eye is wandering again – his vision is still pretty damn good and seems to be relatively stable and he appears to be working really hard to use both eyes together.

The meeting I had at the end of my tired day in my one clean outfit with my dirty hair full of product to make it passable was with an incredibly receptive, supportive, interesting and interested Professor at a local University who is helping me with my application to the Masters of Education program.

The weather turned warmer so going back to my summer duvet and duvet cover was relatively simple.

I joined a gym and have started to lift weights in a class with other people lifting weights and may actually have begun to like running a little bit.

Oh, and I’ve taken to drinking cold water from an emptied Aboslut Vodka bottle.  This amuses me to no end…  Perhaps I should try bringing it to the gym?



  1. The gym will do you good, Sulya. Nothing like a good cardio to blow out all the carbon.

    Did the doc tell you the boyo might have to have multiple surgeries on his eye. Seems like a couple of my friends with kids had this same thing, they had to go back, but all is good now.

  2. The gym is doing me good Kitty… So right. I’ve just always had a love/hate thing with the gym. Got a good attitude about it this time though.

    The doc might have said that we would have to go back a few times but not that I really recall. He has since said that they sometimes have to go in and undo what they’ve done… I’ve been as on-the-ball as possible. Very annoying with questions and persistence of imposing what I’m seeing and thinking so that he has to explain… Tiring though and I don’t relish the idea of another surgery… Ah well… He was so strong for the first one… My little man… Good to know that your friends’ kids are all good now! Thank you for that.

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