Posted by: sulya | 7 October 2009

The Way They Think

51a7Lvp9idL._SL500_AA280_So, the other day I wanted to get the little man a treat. Something we don’t usually get.  We were at a different location of our usual grocery store and the change in layout drew his attention to different candy in the bulk bins.

He saw and was captivated by Jelly Belly Jellybeans.

And I’m with him on the attractiveness of these guys.  They look good.

They sound good if you scoop them up and let them drop back on each other.  They are a satisfyingly cute yet still somehow sexy size.  They make you feel like you are in charge of your jellybean but that it would put up a fight if it could.

Jelly Bellies are scrappy-looking, unlike the giant ones that often come out of those dispensers for a quarter.  Those guys are behemouth and lunkish and, except for the licorice flavoured black ones and the cinnamon flavoured red ones, they all taste the same.

Jelly Bellies have very distinct and very interesting flavours.

That said, given my taste for dark – even outright bitter – chocolate, real fruit gummies and that if someone held a gun to my head and said you can only ever have salt or sugar for the rest of your life I would choose salt so fast  time itself would have a hard time keeping up… Jelly Beans are always disappointing.  They stick in my teeth, they’re about as interesting as eating a spoonful of sugar and most of them are flavoured with fake fruit.  I cannot really abide fake fruit flavouring.  It makes me feel like I’m having a seizure and like I might just kick a puppy.

If it’s masked with some of that “sour” sugar coating I can tolerate it better but, generally?  Just not my scene.

So.  Anyway.  He wants these beans.  He wants to pick his own flavours and he favours all the ones that make me most want to grit my teeth:  Watermelon, Tutti-Fruity, Apple… Add some Cotton-Candy and we’ve got ourselves a rodeo.  I made him get some Vanilla and Popcorn.  The Popcorn flavoured jellybeans amuse me for their unabashedly postmodern garishness – but he doesn’t really like them.

We pour them into a bag one flavour at a time and add them to our bin of purchases.  When I look at the bill later I realize we could have bought a small car for the cost of those damn jellybeans.  I figure they’d last through a nuclear winter so there’s no immediate concern about eating them quickly.  Thus, I decide I am going to eek those babies out as a treat like maybe 10-15 at a time.  Teeny Tiny Tastes.

Second time I give them to him as a treat, he says, “look at this Mommy.”  And he bites one of the watermelon ones in half with his little teeth.  It’s pink inside.  Green on the outside and pink on the outside.  Like a real watermelon.  Then he shows me the apple one.  Red on the outside, bright white on the inside.  Like a real red apple.  And I loved that he’d even thought to look inside, loved that he’d notice what he’d seen and loved that he wanted to share it with me.

The way he sees things, the questions he’s always asking whether he understands that’s what he’s doing or not.  It’s magic to me.

Then I think, “Damn.  The fully grown adults who came up with these beans thought about it first.”  Thought it would be cool to make a watermelon-flavoured jelly bean that was watermelon green on the outside and watermelon pink on the inside.  They went to the trouble because somehow they had anticipated that someone might not just pop the tiny bean in their mouth – but bite it in half and look.  Really look.

And that was magic to me too.

And it was totally worth the price of a small car.


Photograph borrowed from HERE

And for those of you who might be reading this who know about some of my screenplay work THIS is pretty damn hilarious to me…



  1. There is nothing like the feel of digging through a bag of jelly beans, and that sound, as you noted.

    Jelly Belly is the only sort of jelly bean I can eat. I love the cotton candy flavored ones, yum, and there is a store here that has them all sorted so I can buy just those if I want to get all hopped up on some sugar.

    That is magical (and smart) of the boy to notice the inside is a different color. You have a bright young little lad, Sulya.

    PS, I just love your post about drowning him in kisses. He is one lucky kid.

  2. I don’t usually eat jelly bellies but we bought a husge jar to take on our road trip to florida last month. They were fun – for a change – but not as good as chocolate.

    LOVE the link to Clooney, LOL!

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