Posted by: sulya | 3 October 2009

Ba Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa!

For those of you who know me or have read as far back on this blog as my first Canada Day post, you know how I feel about chickens and flightless birds in general.  And though there has been some good stuff going down round the octopus niche lately, about which I promise to share when there are more concrete things to report, there’s also been a lot of crap.  I mean, if I could make it to work without crying – on Thursday mornings especially – that would be a really welcome change of pace.  Seriously.

Either that or I need to get over my aversion to water-proof mascara.

But, through it all and because of the unending river of nonsense and joy that is the internet, there are always the Muppets to see me through.

(And when oh when is Gonzo going to make an honest chicken out of Camilla? It’s just not right….)



  1. I am remembering something about some chicken milk.

    Thursdays won’t always suck, but I hear ya, when they do, the do. (hugs)

  2. Here’s hoping you’re right about Thursdays.

    Thank you muchly for the hugs my friend.

    Back atcha’ (smile)

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