Posted by: sulya | 12 August 2009

And to the Heavens She Cried About the Glories of POUTINE DAY!!!!


My last day of my holiday I was taken to what is considered by people who know about these things to the very fibres of their being and soul the best Poutine spot in Montreal.  It is open 24hrs and given that poutine is hangover food of the Gods, I will one day want to go there at 3am to observe and chronicle the fine, tipsy and greasy happenings.

For now.  Let us start with the first glamour shot of the starchy fatty golden goodness.


And because seeing important people and things in motion speaks volumes about their being – their nature – here is some poutine on the go.


It was a lovely day and my friend’s baby was trying to have a sooze in his stroller so we got ours to go and headed to the park.

In the grass, the bag looked radiant to me not dusty browny take-out beige.

It glowed.


And inside there were two containers.


Guess who the large was for and do it full in the knowledge that if you are judging my gluttony the myriad deities tasked to the protection of poutine might smite you for your small-minded criticisms.

Behold the glory.  The beauty.  The divinity.


See how the waves of  unconditional love broadcast by poutine can stop small forest creatures in their tracks…


He stood that way, only vaguely aware of the mystical properties of the fried potatoes, traditional cheese curds and perfect gravy, but for long enough I was worried he was paralyzed… So long, I got this shot of him too. (Can you see the scattered, uncertain awe in his eye?)


But don’t stare too long if for no other reason then when you look back…….


Oh yeah.

My friend had a bite but she was scared I might actually snarl and snap at her fingers if she took another.

It had been faaaaaar too long since I’d been in Montreal and eaten real poutine.

It was perfect.

But, truthfully, the most beautiful experience of that which shall heretofore and forever be known as POUTINE DAY, the most beautiful sight I saw…  Was this:


Praise be for poutine.


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  1. That Squirrel was probably just having a sympathy stroke.

  2. You blaspheme. Poutine can do no harm. Deep fried minions and servants of the true faith will deal with you in due course.

  3. Re: pictures 2, 3, and especially 6:

    Oh baby. ’nuff said.

  4. Super gllad to have your evident experience and understanding on this one Sally – given the many doubters I have had to contend with on the subject… (smile)

  5. I consider this post a gift. Seriously.

  6. Man o man that poutine looks sooooooo good.

    Great pics, Sulya.

  7. Ginny – You are more than welcome. I was hoping you might find this post palatable…

    Kitty – One day Kitty… One day… You, me, Montreal and poutine for the good of all kind… Glad you enjoyed the pics. Must get back to the neglected photoblog…. Have stuff, just lazy *sigh*…

  8. You bring the poutine and I bring the cake.

    I need to get back to my photoblog too, I just have so many irons in the fire right now I haven’t even been able to keep up with the simplicity of Twitter.

  9. Long live poutine day!

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