Posted by: sulya | 6 June 2009


My son played soccer again.  He scored a goal.  aka.  He “winned”…  And he was happy to be on the field and he was upset when soccer ended.

He definitely needs surgery in his eye (there was  brief moment earlier this week where it was again possible he might not).

His surgery will be in the first week of July.

And I’m reasonably confident that it will be okay.  And I know that his brain will be able to rest more once it is not struggling all damn day to try to stabilize and eye and see properly all by itself and a friend of a friend’s very small daughter had an emergency surgery to cut huge polyps of a strain of the HPV virus off of her throat and vocal chords so my son will likely be okay with a routine, outpatient procedure but still.


Just — you know — fuck.



  1. I was just wondering about that yesterday, if he’d had his surgery and was going to email you about that and it is here.

    My thoughts are with you, Sulya. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Me too, Sulya, keep us posted. I am sure it will go fine.

  3. Thank you so much for checking in and for the good vibes… I will definitely keep updating. There is relief in having a date and just knowing what’s what in that he definitely needs the surgery.

    Huge Hugs to you both my lovely friends!

  4. I very glad he winned. It’s a nice feeling.

    My sister had eye surgery when was around 8 to correct a lazy eye. She was terrified beyond belief, and then had to be reminded it had ever happened a couple weeks later.

  5. Hey you! I need your email again. AOL is the pits about keeping read emails.

  6. Valliant — Good to know your sister couldn’t even remember it afterwards. I think I am fairly confident that I am going to be more upset than the kidlet… Well, that is the hope anyway… I hope the surgery was successful for your sister…

    Will — Done.

  7. Good good luck with the surgery.

  8. Thank you max.

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