Posted by: sulya | 2 June 2009

Though to Others it Might Seem Unconventional…

T’is the season of silk and chiffon and Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle – of champagne-induced weeping and brawls – of women in wear-once satin shoes and men in polka-dotted cummerbuns climbing into trees and up cliffs to get that special shot…  A dreamy gal such as myself just cannot stop herself from a little planning…

And this is pretty much my top pick location and general tone for a wedding.


Sadly, if you cannot place this image without research, and you are otherwise convinced you are a man, then you are probably not going to make my short-list of potential suitors and I’m sorry if that is something that might make you sad.  

Comfort yourself by knowing that if you can’t place this image without looking it up then you probably wouldn’t like me much anyway, and are well out of a situation that would best be avoided… 


Much Fluttery Summer Love & Tentacle-y Kisses from,

The Octopus in Residence


The still image was borrowed from HERE


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