Posted by: sulya | 1 June 2009

Some Random Octopus Goodness: Now with more Train Track!!!

This is a garage sale post cuz I’m too lazy to do any real thinking right now…

I built this track for my son’s trains yesterday.  


I did it because he asked me to and even said please and asked in a nice voice.  At its widest it is about as wide as I am tall… He was generally in a pissy mood, though, and refused to play with it until it was almost bedtime.  Then, when he started to play with it and check out all the many routes and pathways he said in a fairly sombre voice, “This is an interesting track, Mommy.”  And then this morning he declared that he really liked it and then, when I said, “Good, baby, I’m glad you like it.  That makes me happy.”  He said, “You’re supposed to say you’re welcome Mommy.”  And I had to explain that he hadn’t thanked me for anything and it worked out okay but, by jove, conversations about etiquette before 7:30am are tiring…


I have managed to get about one of two more hours of sleep a night all week by going to bed earlier.  I am a more positive, creative person with more sleep and I find that my body has less of this slow, dull achey feeling in the mornings…  All good things I figure…  Don’t know if I can keep it up, though… I have this compulsion to want to be awake well past midnight and I don’t think I will ever be able to turn myself into a “morning” person…  We shall see.


The boyo played soccer!  After discussions with his father, and following a strong instinct I was having, I did not go to the next game and apparently he just ran around with his dad for the first half and then was enjoying his friends at half-time snack and after that his dad decided to kind of disappear into the background and the kidlet took the field in the second half and ran around with his buds and enjoyed himself so YEY!  No tears.  That’s all I care about.  No consuming sense of failure coursing through the body of a not-quite 4 year-old…  It is fascinating to me how much more we can do when we have fewer people to turn to in fear… Where is the balance, though?  The balance between getting help and not feeling alone in this life and relying on our inner strength?  I mean, one could argue that he was turning to the energy of his friends – following the flow of it out on to the field…  I dunno’… Been wrestling this idea for a while now and will continue to wrestle it for some time I think.



We have an appointment today with an orthoptician to help figure out just how much muscle tweaking has to take place when he has his surgery.  Still don’t have a date for the surgery but today we will maybe find out if they will be making incisions into just one eye socket or both.  Crimminy…  I need to keep saying it to make it feel as natural as it might to the surgeon him/ herself…  Incision in eye socket, incision in eye socket, incision in eye socketincision in eye socket, incision in eye socket, incision in eye socket, incision in eye socket, incision in eye socket,….


I have literally no skill for making grilled cheese sandwiches without burning them.


pinkballMy giant yellow exercise ball on which I had been happily sitting for a year fizzled on me.  I came home and it was nothing more than a withered spherical heap of overstretched yellow rubber/plastic.  I don’t think the cat killed it either… It just died.  And when I tried to fill it up again the pump actually tore the fill-hole and a section of rubber away and that was the end.  The real, sad, end.  I bought the yellow ball by walking down Caledonian Road nearly to King’s Cross Station in London, England and then took the #91 bus back up to the flat once I’d purchased it.  It was more than three years-old so it’s time was probably up…  Still… Rest in peace yellow exercise ball…  Your replacement is not yet your equal in my affections but it is hot pink, shiny as all get-out and hasn’t fallen apart yet so there ya’ go…  


(the kidlet took the pic of the new pink ball and of the yellow train shown above)


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